Mattias Karlbom

Salesperson of the Year.


Mattias Karlbom, you have been named Salesperson of the Year. What does that mean? How did you achieve this?

Every year PostNord Stralfors names the best salesperson of the year in the seven countries where we operate. The winner is the salesperson who performs best against the budget. In 2015 I managed to achieve 122% compared to my budget. I've a winning mentality and real competitive edge, so this challenge was a carrot for me.

Describe your role as a Key Account Manager at PostNord Stralfors, highlight your work function and the key elements of your work.

In my role as Key Account Manager (KAM) at PostNord Stralfors I work with a broad product portfolio. I'm responsible for a number of major customers, and I also look out for new ones. It's my job to identify the customer's challenges and needs, and then to translate these needs into a solution that works for them, and to think upsales for higher revenues and volumes.

What is it that you actually sell?

I sell communication solutions that help our customers to communicate with their customers. We sell a complete solution and our strength is omnichannel, which means everything from printing to electronic communication. Based on transaction data and CRM data, we can deliver a solution that enables our customers to communicate with their customers with the aim of increasing their sales and loyalty.

The power of the recipient is important. Our customers' customers want to choose for themselves how they receive their communication. It's important to make sure that a solution includes the right channels.

What are the three main personal qualities for success in your field, and why are they important?

- A good listener – you must have the ability to listen and interpret information.
- Determination – you have to persevere, to keep plugging away even if things don't go the way you'd planned. You just have to pick yourself up and carry on.
- A positive attitude – life is easier when you have a positive attitude. If you don't have that and you aren't happy, it's no good.

Any other tips for success?

The market in which PostNord operates is changing quickly. So you have to be open to changes and hungry to learn new technology and use it to put together a solution that we can adopt.

What's the biggest challenge for the future?

The biggest challenge we're facing right now is that we need to move even higher up the customer's value chain. We must become even better at being able to help our customers to manage their data. This means that we must talk about our vision, become more customer-oriented, and have a mindset in which we actually understand what our customers are thinking and what we could do for them in order to put together a solution.

The opportunity to help our customers in their digitisation and automation, both marketing automation and transactional automation, is enormous. We must continue to be entrepreneurs, to see the big picture, to be more consultative and to be close to the customer. That creates effectiveness and reassurance.

About Mattias

34 years old. I have a wife and three children.
Worked in the IT industry, for Special Operations Software as Account Manager, before moving on to PostNord Stralfors, where I've been working for just over three years.

Lives in:

Haninge, a suburb to the south of Stockholm.