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Stitch your channels together

#3 2017 – Stitch your channels together

Meaningful and relevant. That's what your customers' experience must be when they are in contact with your company – whether it takes place via social media, in a physical shop or when they log in to pay a digital invoice. With an omnichannel solution, interaction in one channel leaves an impression in the next one. So – stitch your channels together!

  • Rasmus Houlind shows you how to measure your work in omnichannel marketing.
  • Jonas Hammarberg offers tips on how to lead your company into the second phase of digitisation.
  • Mikael Bladh on how invoices in omnichannel are producing more satisfied customers at the electricity and energy company E.ON.
  • Anders Svensson at Alektum Group explains how customer data collected determines which channel is best for concact and payment.
  • Digital debt collection demands produce faster payments, explains Fred-Ivar Forsland from the credit management company Lindorff.

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Customer Journey 2.0
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Customer Journey 2.0

Once upon a time there was justa stationary phone, a few advertisement – free TV and radio channels anda morning newspaper in every household. Print was the main channel for marbeting, and customers went toa physical shop or ordered via mail order. It' s not that long ago. But things have changed...

Are you safe?
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Are you safe?

  • Secure IT through the culture
  • Plan security from the outset
  • Mobile invoice for faster payment
  • Law on e-inovoices coming soon
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Learn to talk to your data

What does your brand mean, as data and algorithms increasingly control customers' choices online? In this issue of Smarter Communication Magazine we listen to the experts and confirm that it takes more than technology and data to succeed.

A good reputation leads to long relationships
#3 2016

A good reputation leads to long relationships

Everyone wants to be liked. The same is true of companies. If you are striving to achieve long-term customer relationships, you must be aware of customers' needs and work on the company's reputation.

Disruption – The winner takes it all
#2 2016

Disruption – The winner takes it all

The rapid pace of technical development has created opportunities for small newcomers to effectively put current business models out of the game. We take a closer look at disruption and show how you can be a winner.

How does communication automation work?
#1, 2016

How does communication automation work?

Nowadays there are new, effective ways of talking with your customers – anytime, anywhere. But to achieve this, you have to find and use the tracks that the customer leaves behind, at the same time seeing and understanding their needs.

Smarter Communication magazine 2015 #4
#4, 2015

One-to-one with all customers

  • Mutual loyalty
  • Why should I own everything?
  • Response exceeded expectations
  • Fast-moving customers
  • Follow the customer's lead
Smarter Communication magazine 2015 #3
#3, 2015

A century of smart business

  • Back to the future – trend predictions ten years ago
  • New consumer power in the wallet
  • Instant shopping changes consumer behaviour
  • New business with predictive analysis
  • Stralfors' smart business over 101 years
Smarter Communication magazine 2015 #2
#2, 2015

Dare to digitise your business model

  • Tough battle for money
  • How digital your neighbours are
  • Connected gadgets
  • British Gas saves on printing
Smarter Communication magazine 2014 #2
#1, 2015

Come along on the customer journey

  • Invite the competitors
  • Card reader with possibilities
  • Digital challenges
  • Reward your customers
Smarter Communication magazine 2014 #2
#3, 2014

What do you know about your customers?

  • Digital commerce changes everything
  • Tomorrow's brands
  • At COOP, the focus is on the customer
  • How Finkraft is winning new B2B customers
Smarter Communication magazine 2014 #2
#2, 2014

Are you ready for the Communication of the future?

  • Find out what customers are thinking
  • Analyse for a better dialogue
  • How to become a super-networker
  • Trends in communication
Smarter Communication magazine 2014 #1
#1, 2014

Multichannel – customers communicate in all channels

  • Digital driving licence
  • Looking east
  • Eye tracking
  • More versions
Smarter Communication magazine 2013 #2
#2, 2013

Release the power of communication

  • Everything communicates – everywhere
  • What do you know about Big Data?
  • It's all about service in the marketplace
Smarter Communication magazine, 2013 #1
#1, 2013

We are friends  ... aren't we?

  • Readers now hold the balance of power for newspapers.
  • Confidence and inspiration
  • No loyalty without knowledge
  • This is trigger logic

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