A focus on employees

Focused work on employeeship at Stralfors has increased both engagement and involvement among employees. This is evident from this year’s FOCUS survey, in which MIX and LIX have increased.


“Work on employeeship has increased engagement at Stralfors”

During 2013 Stralfors has focused on embedding the six cornerstones of employeeship among its workforce, in a close dialogue between managers and employees.
“We’ve worked with a tool that we call ‘Let’s Move’. This has involved employees and managers meeting on six occasions and discussing each of the cornerstones of employeeship during an hour-long meeting, at which everyone had the chance to put forward their opinions and comments,” says Mette Agerbaek Ruby, HR Manager at Stralfors.

Let’s move takes as a starting point the six cornerstones of employeeship, but ultimately it’s all about discussing how employees and managers together can achieve Stralfors’ vision for 2020 and how goals, values and the business culture affect this work, as well as what responsibility employees have for achieving the vision and goals.
“There have been lots of interesting discussions about everything from customer focus to cooperation between departments. Questions that don’t always crop up in hectic everyday life. After Let’s Move, we all have a common language when we’re talking about our cornerstones. We’ve also achieved a greater understanding of Stralfors’ vision and goals, as can be seen in this year’s FOCUS,” says Mette.

Svein Roar Johansen, Accounts Manager at Stralfors in Norway, believes that the work has been valuable, and he says that the exercise has created interest and engagement among employees.
“Let’s Move has given us a reason to discuss the whole organisation in a way that we just don’t have time for usually. It’s also increased the level of understanding of our work processes, even those that don’t affect us in Finance every day.”

He views it as a continuous process to have the cornerstones of employeeship close at hand to discuss at all times.
“We’re all dependent on what others do, so we must be able to see the big picture in our organisation,” says Svein Roar Johansen.