A placement at Stralfors - an opportunity to start your career

Stralfors’ Data Management Division has had a student on a work placement for three months as a project manager. We spoke to Christina Scappini and Morgan Sellén about this.


Stralfors’ Data Management Division has had a student on a work placement for three months as a project manager. We spoke to Christina Scappini and Morgan Sellén about this.

What’s your job at Stralfors?
A three-month placement, I’ve been working as project manager in Data Management on three projects for which I’ve been given the main responsibility. One of the project was about making sure that marketing material is up to date and that there’s a Top 10 list of the most wanted partners. We’ve also reviewed the existing agreement and set up a group of sales representatives who’ll continue working on this when my placement’s over.
The two other projects I conducted a gap analysis to identify challenging areas related to some of the services Stralfors provides. We then held meetings in which the interviewees (sales representative, sales manager, product owner, marketing coordinator and delivery organisation) and I went through the challenges and agreed on a plan for who’ll work on what and how we’re going to try and work in the long term on the challenges that exist in accordance with defined deadlines. It’s involved everything from having marketing material that’s up to date and translated into local languages to creating a customer assignment for the service.
Apart from this, I’ve accompanied product owners to see how they work with the product Access, met a business developer who explained how he works and I’m now taking part in various workshops to see what you have to consider before you bring in other services for sales.

What made you apply to Stralfors?
It’s a big company that also works with IT, and they have a really good reputation as well. It felt obvious.

Based on what you’ve seen during your time at Stralfors, is it how you imagined? 
Both yes and no. I thought they’d be working more with processes and following them, being more rigid. But Stralfors is incredibly creative, and people really do have an opportunity to work freely and independently.

Morgan Sellén, Sales Director in Data Management. What’s the background to Christina Scappini’s work at Stralfors? 
It’s all quite simple, Christina applied to do a placement with us, and after the first interview I felt that this placement could benefit both Stralfors and Christina. We needed a project manager for a few major activities that focused on making sure that two of our existing services could be sold, implemented, delivered and supported without any challenge. We also had a need to develop our concept for partner collaboration. Christina’s background, her personality and the course she’s currently following made her the ideal candidate for these assignments.

It’s now been 10 weeks since Christina started with us. What are your thoughts so far?
It’s gone better than expected. Not only are we starting to get on top of the challenges we’ve faced with some of our services, we’ve also got a virtually complete concept for partners in place. I didn’t imagine it would go this quickly and this well. 

Why do you think it’s important for Stralfors to collaborate with institutes of higher education?
Change is in our DNA. We’ll be constantly changing with the market, and this means that as a company we must always be bringing new competences and influences into the businesses. The need for people with academic qualifications combined with a good attitude is important for our future. Close collaboration with institutes of higher education makes it easier for us to enable these people to view Stralfors as their future workplace.