The winner of the contest at ARKAD career days

We would like to thank all the engaged students who visited us at ARKAD careers days at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University and for those who participated in our contest.


We are delighted to say that we received almost 400 answers from students. We have choosen 7 winners, based on their answers to the question “How do you think companies and governments with many end customers will communicate with their customers in the future?”

Stralfors have read through all the answers and evaluated them. The winner´s have successfully given creative and interesting answers that are relevant to our business in the future. The prize consist of two free tickets to Cinema in Sweden.

The winners and their answers to the question are:

Nevin Belul, Malmö
“Through a consulting company that is in contact with the consumers. The Internet could be a possible meeting point.”

Mikael Bergmark, Lund
“I think that physically letters are still interesting to receive, but I don’t think it’s sustainable today or in the future. Messages and information sent to mobile phones is effective and will be read, but it targets my private sphere. To reach the consumers ad-blockers make the web difficult. If a company wants to have a great impact on the consumers, I believe that subtle, interesting and innovative advertising is the answer. If it is a hit the ad will be spread by the consumers themselves and social medias. The message will be spread without any cost for the company and will be remembered by the consumers.”

Alexander Landborn, Lund
“People will have their own database with their profile where they get personalized information (in digital). As a consumer I will be able to give feedback if there is any information I don’t think is relevant or don’t want to have, i.e.  I will interact and communicate with my suppliers.”

Joel Olsson, Lund
“I think of smart homes. Information will be transferred to the house. In the house information will be shown to the consumer on screen, such as screens in the dining table or refrigerator etc.”

William Dahlgren, Lund
“I think that the first interactive contact with customers will be sent through the consumer’s car or another mobile way, but this will never replace the face to face contact.”

Henning Stenbäck, Lund
“I think it will be some kind of homemade production, eg 3D printer. The consumer will be able to buy for example a template, and be able to print the product at home.”

Mathias Sundén, Södra Sandby
“It will be more personalized. Maybe my mobile phone will beep when I pass a store with an offer that matches my target group.”