Ask our recruiter about thesis work and student assignment

At Stralfors we regard thesis work and student assignments as a good way of getting to know you while you’re still studying. You will gain experience while working with professionals from a wide range of fields. And you will work on challenging, varied assignments in an environment where your ideas will be heard. Suzanne Vallin Brantestad, HR Manager at Stralfors, answers some of the most common questions that students ask.


Suzanne Vallin Brantestad, HR Manager at Stralfors.

1. What should I study if I want to write my final thesis on Stralfors? 
For meeting current and future market needs, we find students with competence areas such as Business and Management, Information Systems and Computer Science, Supply Chain and Logistics and Marketing interesting for theses. Stralfors is a B2B company and we develop and offer communication solutions. As the market and the consumer behaviour change in the field of communication, the competences required within Stralfors also need to adapt and change.

2. How do I apply to write a student essay/perform a student assignment at Stralfors?
Within a few months you can apply via our home webpage, or send an email to or to HR in the country you want to do your essay or assignment.

3. What can I expect from Stralfors?
We are a company that is always on the move. You will most likely be involved in our business and get in contact with many professions within the company. When we take in students, we always have a need for a specific piece of research or an assignment, which means that you will be involved and engaged for real in our business.

4. What is your advice for students who want to write their thesis on Stralfors? 
Pick a subject for the thesis in which you have a real interest and describe as clearly as possible to us what you want to investigate and write about. 
Be proactive and don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out your own solutions.
Be curious to find out more about the company and make the company aware of yourself and your competence with a view to potential future employment.