Career advice from one of our Key Account Managers

Karl-Johan Lundin, who is Key Account Manager at Stralfors, has been named Stralfors’ Salesperson of the Year within the Fulfilment Division, shares his advice from his career with Stralfors.


"I’d really like to emphasise the team effort and the engagement from my colleagues."

Karl-Johan Lundin, you have been named Sales person of the Year. What does that mean? How did you achieve this? 
It definitely means a lot to me. It inspires and encourages me to continue working hard, making it worthwhile spending even more time and effort to develop our business together with our clients.
The reason I’ve won the prize is that I managed to achieve a good sales result for the Fulfilment Division last year, but I wouldn’t say that it’s been a one-man show. I’d really like to emphasise the team effort and the engagement from my colleagues. Everyone’s assumed responsibility for their own specialist areas, such as Program Manager, IT Application Manager and Business Development. Together we did an extraordinary job, one that apparently resulted in success.

Describe your role as a Key Account Manager at Stralfors, highlight your work function and the key elements of your work.
My role as Key Account Manager (KAM) is to be responsible for a number of large clients, identify business opportunities and turn these into profitable agreements. It’s extremely important to build long-term relationships with our clients, in order to achieve a good understanding of their business and their needs.
My role is to understand my clients’ requirements, and together with my colleagues to identify the most suitable communication solution for them.

What is it that you actually sell?
We develop and offer communication solutions that give companies with many customers opportunities for more personal, stronger customer relations. It can be anything from a four-colour printed letter to an email or text message, or even a box containing goods.
But communication isn’t just about choosing the right channel, at the right place, at the right time. By analyzing and managing client data, there’s a huge opportunity for our clients to increase customer loyalty and revenues. Stralfors can help them to achieve that. It’s clear that Stralfors has come a long way in helping enhance our clients’ communication value chain by offering a variety of solutions.

What are the three main personal qualities for success in your field, and why are they important?
You need to be interested and curious about your clients’ business; in the way they work and how their organisation works. If you combine that with an ability to be business-oriented and a high level of social skills, you have a winning concept.

Any other tips for success?
Be humble and don’t sell anything you can’t stand up for.

What's the biggest challenge for the future? 
Stralfors vision 2020 “to become the undisputable leader of communication solutions, creating the brand communities of tomorrow”, is a clear statement. We are committed and we will continue to develop our business and our offering together with our clients, in an ever-changing world of rapid change. Personally, I think that the challenge is to offer flexible solutions and be able to adapt to new ways of communicating. Stralfors is already making that journey and that is really inspiring.

You represent one of Stralfors' core values, Caring. Describe what Caring means for you.
Caring is about taking care of our clients and colleagues. They should feel appreciated and confident that they’ve chosen to cooperate with the best partner there is. It’s about building partnerships, not just buyer/seller relationships.