Communicate on the customer’s terms

How do you increase sales, business efficiency and customer loyalty? This was one of the opening questions to be answered at Stralfors’ Smarter Communication Day 2014.


Smarter Communication Day 2014 in Copenhagen. Photo: Christiaan Dirksen.

Every year Stralfors organises the day of inspiration known as Smarter Communication Day.
Around 100 customers and business partners attended the seminar on 7 May at the Felix conference centre at Aker Brygge in Oslo to listen to a handful of guest speakers. 
Also present were some Stralfors employees who are experts in various fields.
“It’s no longer us, the senders, who decide how we communicate, it’s the customer. And their behaviour and demands are changing – which means we have to keep up with developments,” said Jens Kofoed Hansen, Sales Manager at Stralfors. 

New ways of getting to know the customer
Klas Moberg, CEO of Tajitsu Industries, was there to explain how artificial intelligence is used to analyse customer data in order to predict various kinds of customer behaviour.
Eye tracking is another way of analysing customer data. Mattias Söderberg, formerly responsible for e-commerce at Swedish furniture manufacturer Svenssons i Lammhult, offered tips on how to use this technology to monitor customers’ purchasing behaviour in an online store.
During the break, visitors also had the chance to try out eye tracking, under the guidance of Stralfors’ eye tracking expert Pekka Suomi. 

Social media affect our relations
Grete Bjørndal, responsible for invoicing at Canal Digital Norge, explained how they managed to achieve a significant improvement in the customer experience through relatively small changes to the layout of their invoices.
Lise Teigland Johansen, Senior Campaign Manager at Tryg Forsikring, continued by quoting figures to show how common ID fraud actually is. And how various campaigns have been used to communicate this knowledge and at the same time increase the number of insurance subscribers.
The final topic of the day on the speakers’ rostrum was Social Communication. Cecilie Staude from BI Norwegian Business School and political analyst Svein Tore Marthinsen have written a book about the subject, and they spoke about how social media affect our relations with other people. 

The digital journey
Digital developments were the subject of the Smarter Communication Day held in Copenhagen on 8 May. More than sixty people attended the event in the Mogens Dahl Concert Hall. 
Anders Laubjerg, a representative of the trade union organisation Dansk Metal, explained how they had doubled the number of people engaging in their latest vote by combining physical and digital mailings.
The Capital Region of Denmark is also coming along on the digital journey. Virtually all communication sent out and archived by the region’s ten hospitals is now digital.
Liselotte Lyngsø, Director and Partner in Future Navigator, summed up the day as follows: “The digital generation will change the world. If you’re to going keep up with developments, you’ll have to catch the wave instead of swimming against it.”