Darts competition decided!

During March, Stralfors visited two labour market days at Linnaeus University in Växjö and Halmstad University, which gave us a chance to socialise and network with students. A sincere thank-you to all of the inquisitive, engaged students who visited our stand and those who took part in our competition. Over one hundred students took part in the competition, which has now finished. Congratulations to Malin, Py, Elina, Mehmet and Christoffer. You’ll receive your prizes: two cinema tickets each.


Marcus Petersson and Daniella Lahdo, at Halmstad University

Here are the five winners and their explanations of how they want companies and authorities of which they are a customer to communicate with them and what kind of communication they prefer.

Malin Nilsson, studying Health Education at Halmstad University
“For me, it’s important that companies try to reach me with messages that suit me and interest me. I feel that the time is right for ‘individually adapted’ communication, and it’s something that can be made simpler and simpler thanks to technical developments. In the first instance I find direct personal contact too much. I prefer to be encouraged to make contact myself. I’m more receptive then, so entice me with interesting, ideally slightly humorous emails, adverts, etc.”

Py Gelin, studying Work Science at Halmstad University
“I want companies to communicate with me in a simple, convenient and professional way, ideally via the Internet, email or personal conversation. I want to be treated in a way that makes life easier for me, and it mustn’t be complicated to get in touch when you’re looking for an answer.”

Elina Comstedt, studying Engineering and specialising in Computer Technology at Linnaeus University in Växjö
“I want to receive information by email. As email isn’t particularly secure, I want a text message/email saying that I have a message on My Pages on their website, so that I can log in securely and know that the message really is from the company and not a scam.”

Mehmet Akif Akben, studying Computer Science at Linnaeus University in Växjö
“The companies can have a forum port on their website and customers can log in and discuss their ideas. They can make it easy for customers to reach them when they need. Email, Skype, face-time communications would be more common and customers should get the information easily seven days a week/24 hours a day.”

Christoffer Holm, studying Business Administration, Controller, Linnaeus University in Växjö
“I prefer text messages/push notices with specific information, no “mass mailings”. A GPS-based delivery.”