E-commerce is the mega trend

E-commerce is a rapidly-expanding business. There are 820 million people living in Europe. 529 million of those use the Internet. 250 million people are e-shoppers. The e-commerce (online retail) growth ratio ranges from 7-20 % a year in the countries where Stralfors does business. Still, only 5 % in total of all retail business is done online in Europe. Björn Johansson, a man with keen interest in e-commerce and Supply Chain Manager at Stralfors division Fulfilment shares his expertise of the megatrends in the global e-commerce market.


"Stralfors has a major role to play here with all of our services and solutions relating to communication and fulfilment."

  1. The mobile e-commerce will increase by 100–200% a year. The mobile e-commerce in total is small, but are growing rapidly. At present, approximately 10 percent of all e-commerce will takes place via mobile devices.
  2. Social e-commerce will be integrated into a company’s website. Product comments or “shopping club” are offering consumers new possibility to comment and rate products, building brand loyalty to a company. The communication with customers through e-mail and social media will be more personalized to enhance a better consumer experience.
  3. Fast and personal delivery for the next or same day is required for many product segments. The ability to choose a pick-up location; store, home, post office, etc. and day & time of delivery is vital for success. Fast and personal delivery will increase your levels of customer loyalty, but to a higher fulfillment cost. However, it will reduce your return ratio, lowering returns handling costs.
  4. Almost half of all our purchases will involve more than one channel, with people using physical shops as showrooms, buying online and being kept up to date about delivery via a mobile phone. There will be even more multichannel shopping, as well as virtual showrooms; enable to connect a webcam that allows you to “try” different outfits in a “mirror”, sharing these pictures in your social network - will drive a mouth-to-mouth” sale.
  5. If you look at the definition of the term, Big Data is the incredibly vast amounts of data that are generated in various communication channels and that can be used to predict certain patterns and behaviors in customers. A great number of available data will be used to personalize the customer offerings and to predict the market trends, through personalization.
  6. Companies must deliver a business B2C experience like B2B customer demands. Most of the B2B e-commerce companies trail far behind the average B2C e-commerce companies in terms of the robustness of the online experience they offer. However, B2B e-commerce companies are now investing significant resources to close the gap between.

How can we at Stralfors, as a B2B company, take part in all of this? 
We´re are already a part of it even though you don´t think about it. We supply e-commerce companies. We take care of our customers printing, insertion, online invoicing and campaigns, and we see opportunities in future in delivering fulfilment services. Many of the traditional mail order competitors, have launched their business online. It´s becoming increasingly important for these companies to choose their target group, position themselves correctly and communicate in the right way at the right time in order to capture their share of the market. Stralfors has a major role to play here with all of our services and solutions relating to communication and fulfilment.