Gunilla Etsare, CIO at Stralfors


Do you think that it’s important to have an IT Department with an even gender distribution?
“Of course, an even distribution is important for anyone who wants to understand the business and our customers’ customers – the world is diverse and an IT Department must be able to reflect this. I’m also firmly convinced that a greater blend of experiences creates a better source of ideas. There’s also the fact that IT is so much fun and actually it’s everyone’s right to have the chance to work in this field.”

Do you do anything to achieve an even gender distribution?
“We have a recruitment policy with an associated process to guarantee that we achieve breadth when it comes to final candidates. We perform a comparison when wages are adjusted every year so that no unwelcome structures emerge. But the biggest effort involves continuously looking beyond the norms, not accepting sexism and asking ourselves whether we’re acting according to a structure that we might not actually see ourselves.”