Improving future for children in Bouar

Stralfors has recently initiated a partnership with SOS Children’s Villages in Sweden to offer support in one of the world’s poorest countries. In its major initiative, Stralfors will be following the children in the children’s village in Bouar, securing their right to education and safety.


"We as a company can help contribute to achieving a faster, better development in Bouar," says Karolina Mecklint responsible for Communication and Employer Branding at Stralfors.

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world, where more than half the population lives below the poverty line. The country’s history has been dogged by civil war, political instability and widespread corruption, with millions of children suffering the effects of the internal conflict.

SOS Children’s Villages has been working in the city of Bouar since 2010, taking care of orphaned and abandoned children to offer a safe upbringing. As part of Stralfors’ social commitment, management has now decided that the whole company will be involved in supporting the provision of basic education in the children’s village.

“Everyone should be able to grow up in safety and have the chance to learn, so that they in turn can contribute to the country’s development in future. I’m sure that we as a company, by showing our support, can help contribute to achieving faster, better development in Bouar,” says Karolina Mecklint, responsible for Communication and Employer Branding at Stralfors.

In line with the company’s values
With Stralfors’ values of Caring, Reliable and Proactive, the new partnership is in line with the company’s view of social responsibility. The project’s basic concept is to be able to offer children a safe place in which to grow up, with education playing a central role in activities at the children’s village.

“This partnership is based on our own values, so it seemed natural that we should move in and play a bigger, active part in this work, because we care and we can make a difference for the children in Bouar. Education provides the children with better conditions in which to lift themselves out of poverty and the chance of a better life,” explains Karolina, who believes that the partnership with SOS Children’s Villages is important for Stralfors and offers a chance to produce good results for the country in the long term.

Uniting Stralfors to achieve common goals
Stralfors was already engaged in a number of social projects at a local level, with each country choosing how they focus their efforts. The partnership with SOS Children’s Villages will involve the whole business and affect all employees, with selected ambassadors being tasked to inform and engage other employees.

“We believe that this initiative will create a greater sense of community within Stralfors and give our employees something around which to unite. All of our employees in the countries where we operate represent a common force, and together we will make a big difference for these children,” explains Karolina.

The partnership with SOS Children’s Villages runs over three years, although Stralfors takes a long-term view of its involvement and looks forward to everything the partnership will mean for both parties.