Major customer with coordination requirements

Telenor’s partnership with Stralfors began back in the mid-1990s, with the company then known as Europolitan, and it has grown continuously with new areas of collaboration. Telenor is now one of PostNord’s most important partners and collaborates with many parts of the Group.


PostNord’s Account Manager Tobias Henriksson and Björn Linge, Delivery Manager at Telenor, meet in Karlskrona to discuss the details of the new contract.

“Since Telenor acquired the Swedish part of Vodafone in 2005, we’ve gradually adapted our business to the Nordic market, with Stralfors as a strategic business partner with operations in several Nordic countries,” says Björn Linge, Delivery Manager at Telenor. 

Several parts of PostNord are involved in the recently concluded deal. Not only Stralfors, but also PostNord Sweden and PostNord Denmark. In the procurement process, Telenor considered quality, price and other parameters, and opted for the one-stop solution and geographical coverage that PostNord can offer.
This assignment sees PostNord taking care of the printing and distribution of physical letters. Stralfors is the contract party responsible for the print side, while PostNord Sweden and PostNord Denmark take on the role of subcontractor and deliver the letters. 
“Our joint business has been augmented continuously. We see immediate opportunities for coordination, both for ourselves and for PostNord, and also in the long term, for example regarding various systems that link into these processes. We’ve also completed a number of acquisitions that will be integrated into our Group. In commercial terms, it’s both good and challenging to be a major procurer, while at the same time the business arrangement is more complex,” says Björn Linge. 
There are a lot of different people placing orders internally within Telenor, but Björn Linge has ultimate responsibility for monitoring the contract with PostNord for Telenor Sweden and the companies that are part of the Group. Both financially and by creating the right conditions and monitoring results and quality. 
“In our partnership with PostNord, we’re applying a tried and tested governance model that involves continuous reconciliation and monitoring, with a clearly defined improvement agenda containing various activities to improve what we’re doing at present, as well as new things to develop our partnership,” he says.
Tobias Henriksson is the Account Manager for the Telenor contract with PostNord.
“Telenor gets a partner that will assume total responsibility and meet all their needs,” he says. “This gives us at PostNord an amazing opportunity to continue to develop our partnership and to implement new solutions that help Telenor to further improve their customer offering.”