"Our trust and reliability is everything"

We have asked Boris Berberovic, Stralfors Group Security Manager, about the importance of security when handling sensitive customer information.


“We take care of our customers including the information they allow us to manage by being proactive in our security work rather than reactive while caring for customer information as reliably, cost-effectively and securely as possible or as required.”

Tell us about the importance of security?
Heightened legislative and regulatory pressure for better control over information means that security must be incorporated early and comprehensively. It also needs a proper management support which I have got since our top management has understood that security is an important business enabler. They have also understood that when addressed as a whole, security can reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of compliance. By investing in security, where these costs are then evenly and transparently applied, Stralfors helps its customers to fulfill the regulative and legislative requirements thus winning trust. More trust means better and closer bands with the market.

Why is security important for Stralfors? 
We serve a global market where the demand for fast and relevant information in the various functions of the business is growing. We develop, produce and deliver systems, services and products for effective communication of information that is of a critical type of running a business and thus is extremely dependent on information systems and technology around them. To ensure that the right information gets to the right person at the right time and in the right media - high availability, confidentiality and integrity is essential for our customers. Our mission is to build better relations by releasing the power of communication. Everybody knows that relationships without trust and reliability are really no relationships at all. So, when we enable our customers to build and retain strong relations to their customers, our trust and reliability is everything!