“Rewarding and interesting”

During March, Stralfors paid a visit to the job market fair at Linnaeus University in Växjö. Terese Åkesson from Stralfors and our company host Oskar Andersson are very satisfied with the day.


Oskar Andersson and Terese Åkesson at the job market fair, Linnaeus University in Växjö.

“I think it’s important for Stralfors to create a strong, recognised brand among students and other companies. There are lots of potential talents among students who attend the job market day, and it’s important that we reach them, partly to tell them what Stralfors does, and partly to encourage them to come and work for us,” says Terese Åkesson, who in her day job works with customer support at Stralfors. 
Terese Åkesson studied at the Centre for Information Logistics (CIL) in Ljungby, which has close ties with places including Linnaeus University, and she started working at Stralfors before she graduated. She’s now been at Stralfors for two years.
“When I was asked to take part in the job market day, I jumped at the chance. It was very rewarding and interesting to represent the business, and the response from the students was extremely positive. Most of the students were interested in finding out which competences we need. If there are any more opportunities in future, I’d be happy to take part again.”

"I feel that this company would suit me"
Stralfors’ company host Oskar Andersson is also extremely pleased with the day and is now hoping for an exciting career with the company. 
“During the day I formed a really good impression of Stralfors as an employer. The company seems flexible and is striving to lead the way into the future. With an innovative approach that exudes modernity and a wonderful way of interacting with me and other students, I really do feel that this company would suit me. As a student studying Enterprising & Business Development at Linnaeus University, I felt that the company shared my values when it comes to not getting caught up in the old ways, but constantly looking to the future. Both to new projects and also to new potential employees in the form of students. Spending the job market day together with Stralfors made it a very special, inspiring day."