Saturday: this year’s Earth Hour

On Saturday, March 29 between 8.30 and 9.30 pm CET, it’s time for this year’s Earth Hour. PostNord is supporting the initiative by switching off the lights in its property and premises.


The shutdown will take place in each individual property and premises in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden—as far as this is possible. The main purpose is not primarily to save electricity but to show that PostNord takes environmental issues seriously.

PostNord’s environmental objectives are among the most stringent in the industry: by 2020, the Group is to reduce its carbon emissions by 40%. The trend is moving in the right direction. In 2013 emissions had fallen by 16 percent compared to the base year of 2009.

Earth Hour is a climate change demonstration initiated by the World Wildlife Fund. By turning off the lights for a hour, companies and individuals all over the world can show that they take climate change seriously, thus drawing attention to the issue and ensuring people’s involvement.