“Stralfors helps its customers with smarter communication solutions”

Many people’s minds turn to paper when they think about Stralfors. But that means they’re out of touch. Because Stralfors nowadays is just as much an IT integrator, offering its customers access to the market’s broadest range of products and services in the field of customer communication, whatever the channel. Once the customer has decided how they want to communicate, Stralfors puts together the solution. The age of buying expensive systems is over – now you buy communication as a service!


"Stralfors is a company that focuses on both the customer and its employees."

Relevant communication 
Both private and public organisations now deal with customers and citizens who demand more adapted, relevant communication. It’s quite simply end customers who decide how they want to receive information and communicate with their suppliers. The whole of society is heading this way; paper is being replaced by digital solutions. And Stralfors is at the leading edge, which means they now offer the whole spectrum of solutions for customer communication – from processing customer data to the delivery of customer communication in all of the channels in the market, including digital mailboxes, email, eDI and physical print. It’s basically all about helping the customer to deliver relevant communication to the right person, and in the right channel.
“For us, technological developments have meant that we as a company can offer our customers even more customised, combined solutions. Sure, we’re still experts at physical production, but we’re growing with our customers at a rapid rate on the digital side,” says Jens Kofoed Hansen. 
He is Sales Manager for the department that takes care of such digital customer communication solutions – with five employees working in this department. 
“My employees work on our e-business transactions. Most have a degree in Business Administration behind them and a few years of experience at the workplace in the field of selling technical solutions,” says Jens. “We also work with other salespeople in the company, with large B2C customers where there’s a high degree of complexity. And we have business consultants in the organisation, who help out when the solutions are complex and involve integration.”

Breaking new ground 
Jens has been working at Stralfors for about one year. He too is a graduate in Business Administration, and has managed to play a key role in the founding of no fewer than three challenging new business startups in the Swedish economy. The telecoms company Europolitan, which later became Telenor, and 3, as well as a small bank. 
“I’ve been challenging monopolies all my life, and been involved in technology shifts and deregulation. Bearing in mind all the exciting challenges we have with the digital technology shift, Stralfors feels like just the right place for me to be. Winning the confidence of customers in the field of digital communication as well is high up on my agenda, and is also in line with the company’s strategy. The company’s new for me, but the challenge is the same. Because we’re breaking new ground now too.”

One of the main reasons why Jens accepted his current position is that he himself had Stralfors as a customer. He came into contact with them for the first time back in 1998. 
“I recall perceiving Stralfors to be customer-focused, good at delivering, pragmatic and relationship-oriented. And that perception has continued. You notice it as soon as you come into reception. That Stralfors is a company that focuses on both the customer and its employees.”

How does the company invest in its employees? 
“We have plenty of opportunities to continue to develop, in groups and individually. Among other things, all employees who work closely with our customers have undergone thorough sales training in what is known as solution selling, while at the same time, during 2013, all employees were involved in a major internal development initiative, in how managers and employees are to work together to achieve Stralfors’ Vision 2020. From a purely personal perspective, I think it’s a great initiative when all functions, regardless of position, have the opportunity to exert an influence.”

What does it take if you want to start working at Stralfors? 
“We work a lot in matrices, in close collaboration with other divisions, so you have to be sociable and enjoy working in a team, and to be happy working in an environment where there’s a lot going on. Curiosity and receptiveness are two good qualities. Another is to be challenging. Because we want to challenge the customer. After all, they don’t not always know how they should optimize their communication processes, and it’s our job to make sure they get the very best solutions, which means that you often have to get them to think outside the box. ”