Stralfors key role in PostNord’s Group strategy

In PostNord’s new organisation, Stralfors will now be collaborating much more closely with the rest of the Group to develop new, shared services.
“Together we have tremendous business opportunities, as we complement each other so well,” says Stralfors’ CEO Per Samuelson.


Stralfors’ CEO Per Samuelson

Developing communication offers in both physical and digital channels is one of the focus areas highlighted in PostNord’s updated Group strategy. Stralfors has a key role to play in this task. 
“We’re better than most at selling communication solutions to our customers. It will be very clear in the new organisation that we, together with the Group’s other business areas and E-commerce, are responsible for developing and packaging one-stop solutions for customers,” says Per Samuelson, giving an example:
“Consider our biggest business customers, our Corporate Clients. In cases where PostNord benefits from working together across national borders we must do so, and where we don’t we must decline. Our partnerships with TeliaSonera and Telenor are good examples of win-win situations for both the customer and PostNord, with our partnerships resulting in more business for the Group as a whole.”

The services that Stralfors delivers in the area of customer communication – such as printing, insertion, graphical printing and card personalisation – are ideal for combining with distribution services for letters or parcels. 
The challenge in the organisational change now taking place is not to get caught up in internal meetings.

“We must never lose our focus on the customers. Stralfors’ role is to contribute to increasing sales for the whole of PostNord and to improving profitability. There are two ways of achieving this, which must pervade our entire business: identifying more and more growth areas and doing so profitably,” says Per Samuelson.
One of the growth areas that Stralfors has identified is known in business terms as Customer Communication Management (CCM).
“It’s a growing communication market that’s starting to become an established concept all over the world. We’ve identified a CCM market in the Nordic region worth between three and four billion Swedish kronor. Stralfors, together with PostNord, is well positioned to take advantage of this,” says Per Samuelson.