Sustainable communication that’s worth its weight in gold

The right message to the right person = sustainable communication. That was one of the messages at the 2014 Golden Key awards, which were held at Globen on 20 March 2014.


Karin Bodin, CEO of Norrland-based company Polarbröd,spoke about sustainable communication.

How do you create effective communication that has a measurable effect? 
That was one of the questions discussed at the Golden Key awards at Globen.
Sweden’s marketers were invited to a day of inspiration that concluded, as usual, with a gala event and prize-giving ceremony. 
Swedma’s CEO, Tore Thallaug, opened the day with the words: 
“Direct marketing is a concept that’s constantly being developed, and its measurable results mean that we continue to develop and can create more effective communication.”

“Content is King”
Stop thinking in terms of campaigns – think instead that you’re conversing with customers. That was the day’s hot tip from Australian speaker David Shing.
Among other things, he said that if you have the right content strategies you’re not just competing with adverts, you can also change cultures. And that this is especially important in the digital world we now inhabit, where it’s users in the various channels who dictate the terms.
“If your content is good, people will want to tell the world about it,” said David Shing.

Big Data won the election for Obama
One new tool that more and more marketers are using is Big Data. 
Jim Messina, Campaign Manager during Obama’s re-election campaign, took the stage to explain how the USA’s incumbent President won the 2012 election with the aid of Big Data. Among other things, by identifying which voters were most inclined to vote for Obama.
“People in modern society generate lots of information. This creates virtually endless opportunities to identify behavioural patterns and analyse which communication is truly relevant to the recipient.”

Sustainable for the right audience
Karin Bodin, CEO of Norrland-based company Polarbröd, also spoke about sustainable communication.
“Sustainability isn’t just about green transport operations and producing goods in a sustainable way. By knowing with whom you’re communicating and how best to do it, we also create more effective, and therefore more sustainable, communication,” she said.
And how you talk to your audience is perhaps more important now than ever, believes Jeffrey K Rohr, author of the book Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers. 
“It’s no longer good enough simply to market a product or service. In the digital world you must create content that engages, entertains and sells – and also be able to do it in channels chosen by the audience itself.”