“There must be a constant dialogue with the customer”

Magdalena Schindler is Customer Service Manager for Business Communication in all seven Stralfors countries.


Magdalena Schindler has been working at Stralfors since 2008. Until 2010 she was Managing Director of Stralfors Poland. She then moved to Sweden and started work at Stralfors’ head office in Malmö instead.
“Over a period of one and a half years, we’ve conducted an in-depth analysis of our customer service in all countries.
We’ve answered questions about how we should develop, which is the right way to go and what the trends are likely to be. And we’ve identified what our customers think is good and less good. We’ve obtained a very large volume of information. And I can tell you, seven countries have twenty different approaches,” says Magdalena Schindler, laughing.

More contact with customers
There is now a complete programme describing how work on customer service will be carried out. There will be more customer contact and a better understanding of customers’ specific needs. And customer service will be able to a greater extent to collaborate with sales representatives to respond with suggested solutions.
“We have a foundation in place with tools and plans. But there must be a constant dialogue with the customer.
Our objective is satisfied customers – nothing more, nothing less,” says Magdalena Schindler.

Times have changed
The company has developed and changed since she started work at Stralfors about four years ago.
“We’re now working flat out to be a global company. It’s both liberating and challenging.
We’re now heading towards more changes; we have a long, exciting journey ahead of us.”
2014 will be an interesting year for Magdalena Schindler. All of this new knowledge will now be put into practice.

Balancing work and family
So, it looks like being a hectic year for Magdalena Schindler. When she has spare time she relaxes by travelling with her family and catching up with her productive hobby – renovating old furniture. 
“We are planning of doing a bit of skiing in February. But mostly we’ll just be spending time together. When time allows I continue working with my 200 years old bureau,” says Magdalena Schindler.