Two participants in PostNord Professional

24 participants have been selected to participate in the next PostNord Professionals programme. Here, two of them, Vesa Jussila and Daniella Lahdo from Stralfors, discuss their thoughts and what they hope to achieve as participants.


Vesa Jussila, Consultant Professional Services, PostNord Stralfors in Finland
I’m excited to be selected as participant for the programme; to see where this programme will take me and to see how we, as participants, can work on business matters from a cross-functional and a Nordic perspective. 
I applied to the PostNord Professionals programme for a number of reasons: to open up new opportunities, to broaden my perspective and to face new challenges by utilising my existing expertise.
My personal goals for the programme are ambitious and varied. In addition to what the programme is offering in general, I’d like to expand my professional network and experience within PostNord. To capitalise my potential. 

Daniella Lahdo, Incident Manager for Stralfors ERP system, PostNord Stralfors in Sweden
It’s a great honour to have been selected from so many applicants. I feel excited and am looking forward to finding out more about the programme and getting to know new colleagues from different parts of the organisation. 
Having read the requirements and discussed it with my manager, I’m sure that the programme will be right for me and I feel very fortunate that I could be a part of it. 
My expectations of the programme are to deepen my knowledge of our business and strategic challenges, and to bring new skills in my current position as an Incident Manager for Stralfors ERP system. I am looking forward to pursuing a career as a talented specialist.

The criteria 
The criteria for acceptance on the PostNord Professionals programme are that the person is a specialist, has a university degree or equivalent and works in an administrative function, including the sales organisation, and has the potential to take on more advanced tasks as a senior specialist or manager within a few years.