Access – make it easy to communicate

Many of our customers use our Access system for such purposes as sending out campaigns. Access has been developed by Stralfors’ employees over a number of years, and the service is now being used in the Scandinavian countries, with customers using the system for their mailings. We asked Sofia Fristam, Service Manager for Access, to answer a few questions about Access.


Sofia Fristam, Service Manager for Access, Strålfors.

Sofia, can you give us an update about what Access actually is?

Access is a web-based system that enables our customers to quickly produce their own marketing material, or for that matter regular administrative information, and to personalise it and send it out. Communication can be sent out in both physical and digital channels. Customers can also generate reports and archive their mailings.

How do we add value to our customers?

The customer can create their communication in the portal, with no need for middle men, although we can lend a hand if they want. It's easy to work on both repetitive and ad- hoc campaigns and to personalise communication, which makes the mailings relevant to the customers who receive them. They can use the Access system, which is unique at present, to send mailings using both digital and physical channels, known as MultiChannel.

What does the future hold for Access customers?

We recently held an Access Forum, to which we invited a number of customers, and where each customer talked about the way they work in Access. It was very interesting and educational, not only for us within the Access team, but also for customers who attended. They were able to learn from one another and understand the day-to-day handling of the system's functionality in a good, effective way. We also received very good feedback, with suggestions about improvements and new functionality. It means that by listening to our customers we can also adapt Access to the market and make sure that we're constantly meeting the customers' requirements. We're keeping up and can test new ideas.