Analyse what your customers are looking at on their mobile

More and more companies have their own apps – applications for tablets and smartphones. But do you really know how customers are using them? This is one of the questions to which you can find the answer with eye tracking.


Eye tracking is a method of analysing how a recipient actually receives communication. It can involve anything from how invoices are read to how apps are used on a tablet or smartphone.
"Mobile devices are becoming ever more prevalent and people are using them more and more, we can see that clearly," says Pekka Suomi, who is responsible for eye tracking at Stralfors.
He helps companies to become more effective in their communication by analysing how customers actually look at and click their way around a website or an app.
"Lots of major companies now have their own apps. Take the banks for example.They know that customers are using the app, but rarely how or what obstacles customers encounter when they're using them. Eye tracking gives you the answer," says Pekka Suomi.

Facial expression reflects user-friendliness

An eye tracking test on mobile devices works in largely the same way as when you analyse how a user looks at a website on a computer screen.
The eye tracking method is based on measuring where the eye looks and for how long. This information is then used to analyse and evaluate the customer experience. The result can be used, for example, as a basis for adjusting and improving the website, webshop or app.
"When we perform eye tracking on mobile devices, we film the test subject throughout the entire test. This enables our client to see the test subject's facial expression as well, and how the person's experiencing the app or the website."
"Apps rarely come with instructions, instead the user usually has to teach himself or herself how they work. This makes the user experience and user-friendliness especially important," says Pekka Suomi.