Digital focus at PostNord Stralfors

Digital solutions are becoming an increasingly important part of the Swedish companies’ communication to customers, and tougher demands are being made of suppliers of these solutions. One operator that recognised the importance of a competent range of services in this segment at an early stage is PostNord Stralfors. The focus here is on the digital world.


Tomas Jönsson and Katarina Johansson.

Companies' demands for digital deliveries are growing by the day, and in a number of years it is expected that digital solutions will account for most communication solutions in the market. At PostNord Stralfors, one of the biggest operators in this segment, they are now working towards their goal of being the leader in this very field of digital communication solutions.

Two employees at PostNord Stralfors who are directly involved in this work are Tomas Jönsson and Katarina Johansson, both from the e-services business area. Tomas and Katarina tell us about the new challenges in the market, the digital PostNord Stralfors and the competences they will be looking for in future.

New challenges in the market

Tomas works as a Team Manager at PostNord Stralfors and has extensive experience in the field of digital solutions, in both sales and partnerships. His role as Team Manager includes responsibility for Sales Support, salespeople with in-depth technical expertise who help customers to find the solution they need. He explains that the digital market is growing more and more quickly, and that many companies are now converting their businesses for the digital world.

Katarina, Team Manager at E-services, agrees. With system administrators and systems developers beneath her, she has a clear view of the new challenges:

"There's a transition under way, and the demands from our customers are becoming more and more qualified. Companies expect more from our deliveries, and they need a high level of digital functionality in order to be able to make contact with their customers. It can involve anything from digital mailboxes to the need for digital mailings to customers, in the right channel at the right time."

The digital PostNord Stralfors

PostNord Stralfors has communicated the following vision from its management: "To be the leading provider of channel-independent customer communications solutions", a vision in which both Tomas and Katarina believe. They explain it is precisely multichannel solutions and the digital focus that enhance the goal that leads to this vision.

"We want to offer as broad a range of channels as possible. This means that you as a customer are able to use whichever channel is most suitable for the purpose. In the field of digital solutions we're offering a number of different services, including Internet banking invoice, eArchive, EDI and so on, services that are in demand in the market," says Tomas.

Many of our customers experience their most hectic period before Christmas, as many people do their Christmas shopping online and lots of shipments are sent all over the country. With the aid of Stralfors' EDI service, our customers can efficiently handle everything from order, invoicing and text message alerts to end customers. By contrast with other operators, Stralfors handles the entire flow rather than only individual elements of it.

An exciting journey ahead

To be able to stay ahead, Stralfors must constantly adapt to the market, and thanks to their extensive experience there is one thing they are used to: change. But instead of viewing change as something negative, Tomas and Katarina explain that within PostNord Stralfors it is rather viewed as an opportunity. Because they live according to the motto "Change is in our DNA". Tomas explains:

"We're used to this and recognise opportunities in offering support with solutions that simplify the changes taking place in the market."

To be able to deal with change, it is also important to possess the right competences. PostNord Stralfors is therefore looking for competent employees who want to speed up the process of becoming the leader in the field of digital communication solutions. The major focus here is on future employees with IT competence who understand PostNord Stralfors' offering.

"For salespeople, it's important to possess IT skills that enable you to handle the whole sales discussion yourself without having to rely on specialists in the business. At the same time it represents value in the long term to bring in employees who want to come along on the journey and who view development as a challenge," concludes Katarina.

The competences that PostNord Stralfors is looking for fall within a number of areas, including IT salespeople, business developers, account managers and key account managers.