Digital solutions for Denmark

From the 1 November the Danish citizens signed up for Digital Post from the public authorities. This means that an increasing number of letters post from the public authorities will be sent digitally, which Stralfors in Denmark are involved in, both physically and digitally. This will save the government a billion Danish krona a year to skip the paper and stamps.


Danish citizens use their computers, mobile phones and the Internet every day. A wealth of new digital opportunities has quickly transformed everyday life for many citizens and companies. In the whole Denmark is now mandatory to receive letters from the public authorities from hospitals, municipal, and the police, from the age of 15 from a digital mail box.

"The fact that Denmark will be digital, is a decision made for everyone. About 90 percent have already signed up for Digital Post, said Annette Bosteen Trabjerg, Sales Manager at Stralfors Denmark.

"Young people from the age of 15 to 25 are not using digital postbox. They think that e-mail is too old-school for them. This is a challenge for the public authorities, because from the age of 15 you must have a digital postbox," says Annette Bosteen Trabjerg.

Stralfors helps the public sector

In the last couple of years the public authorities have prepared Denmark for digital post. Citizens have been informed through different campaign. Stralfors have been involved in sending information letters. Around 2.4 billion information letters have been sent, physically, to the public during autumn 2014. Stralfors are still sending, to young people from the age of 15 and to people that have not look into the digital postbox for a while.

Stralfors helps the public sector to release the data, which either be printed as physical letters or transferred to digital postbox.

"The world around us is digital and too complex. Stralfors have a lot of tools and solutions to offer our customers finding the right solution via our Customer Communication Management model. We have arranged inspirational breakfast meetings for our customers who are interested in a digital solution in Denmark," says Annette Bosteen Trabjerg.