E-commerce continues to grow in the Nordic region

E-commerce in the Nordic region is growing by around 23 per cent compared to Q2 last year. This is revealed by a new report from PostNord. Nordic online consumers spent almost SEK 40.5 billion.


Consumer behaviour shows some similarities between the various countries, but also some differences. Swedes often conduct research in physical stores before buying goods online.

Swedes also account for most online shopping using a mobile phone, at around 20 per cent, while Norweigans were the ones who spent the most online. Norweigan consumers spend the most in foreign online stores.

E-commerce abroad is also popular in Finland. Finns spend the most on clothing and shoes when the buy online. In Denmark, they prefer to buy goods online from United Kingdom, and TV is the best commmunication channel to attract Dannish consumers online than in other countries.