Erik loves programming

Java developer Erik Lundmark’s speciality is programming. He works together with other systems developers in his team on new development and problem-solving, and possesses a wealth of knowledge of many IT systems.


Erik Lundmark loves programming and enjoys doing it in his spare time. As part of Stralfors' development team in Alingsås, Erik is continuing to cultivate his curiosity in programming by developing and improving Stralfors' digital solutions. At the moment his work involves managing and closing down an IT system, before resuming new development after the turn of the year in the field of e-Services. "The user experience in systems is a challenge. It's important that a system is user-friendly, and the better a system is, the less pressure is put on customer support, for example."

Work placement at Stralfors

Erik has been working as a systems developer at Stralfors since September 2015. Before that he took a course on Java development in Gothenburg, and applied to Stralfors to do his work placement. He spent 20 weeks working on one of Stralfors' digital solutions, EDI-Online. "It's a complex, flexible platform that needs to be constantly developed and updated. I was given the job of overhauling and updating the access rights system solution for the Nordic countries, so that I as a customer have the right level of access rights and that we can more easily manage and support our customers' flows." Erik resolved the access rights issue with great success and was given new challenges. He changed the design in EDI-Online in the area where customers can follow their message transactions and their company's customer structure, which has provided a high level of added value.

Asked for his opinion about what kind of person would enjoy working on similar tasks at Stralfors, Erik replies: "You must be a problem-solver, an analyst and an independent person with your own drive that's triggered by each task you take on being different from any other. We have a very large number of systems to work with, and as an individual you must be able to get used to these systems, some of which are based on older technology."

A positive team spirit

Erik feels that there is a wonderful atmosphere among employees in an inspirational working environment. He has close contact with sales, support and development, and concludes with the following comment: "You get to work with nice colleagues in a fast-moving environment with short decision-making paths and a very high ceiling. You should enjoy sitting in an open-plan office where anyone can easily air one or two questions."