Henrik Lindell at Stralfors achieves work-life balance

Career and work are tied ever more closely together. Today, work is not just a way to earn money, it's also a big part of who you are. Henrik Lindell is living proof, that career opportunities in balance with a rich spare time works. He is a member of the Swedish team in Radio Orienteering and has recently returned from the World Championship in Kazakhstan. Here is Henrik´s exciting story about Kazakhstan and his best tips for how to combine a challenging work with a fulfilling personal life.


Radio Orienteering, also known as Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF), is a orienteering race where you use a radio receiver to locate control points which also have a radio transmitter. You use a compass and a map in order to triangulate the transmitters during the race.

The association in Stockholm, which Henrik Lindell belongs to, arrange Radio Orienteering competions every fortnight.

"We take it in turns to arrange them, around two or three times a year. These can be used both for training and to compete with our team members. The cometitions take place in Stockholms surrounding forests."

Tell us about the World Championship in Kazakhstan?

"The World Championship in Kazakhstan took place in Burabay, a small town twenty kilometres north of the capital Astana. Kazakhstan have mostly steppe landscapes and Burabay has been formed by a meteorite impact with fairly high mountains and pine forests. The race week was divided into four separate competition events with a rest day in between."

"We got there on a Saturday. On Sunday we tested the equipment to a test transmitter which was put up in the hotel area. The race, is specialised in various age groups and the trails are adjusted accordingly after that. Unfortunately some miss- communication arose between the organisers and judges the first day - the younger ones got a light track and the elderly much more difficult courses. Normally it would be the other way around. But, compared to how it is to run trails in Central Europe, with undergrowhth, the trail in Burabay was quite easy to run, so it didn´t matter. The forest were composed of seemingly planted pines with space between."

"There was about 250 participants mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Germany. Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF), is quite a large sport in the former Eastern Europe. The best part, was to meet all the participants before and after the race to just talk or try "sign language" to those who didn´t speaks English."

How did it go?

My goal this year was to get on in the top of half of the class Men40 and I succeeded on one of the races. I'm very happy with this.

Challenging work at Stralfors

Henrik Lindell works at Stralfors as an Integration Consultant within Professional Services. His main area is Campaign Management and Send Direct. The challenge he faces in his daily work is building and modifying dataflows, also the coding for templates functions and layout that should meet the customers' expectations. A working process, from start to finishing line, must be developed together with his colleagues and customers.

Henrik tips to achieve work-life balance:

Try to plan your days as best you can, so it doesn´t encroach too much of your spare time. Sometimes you should see your spare time as a job that needs to be done and that way you will be effective and stubborn when performing. Exercise regularly, so that you have the energy to get more out of business and leisure. Once you have decided on a leisure activity, try to rationalise the practical elements first, to then focus on the essentials.