IT as part of the business

Ingela Lidén has worked as Stralfors’ CIO since January 2015. She is responsible for Stralfors IT to secure a reliable and cost-efficient IT that supports Stralfors business today and tomorrow.


While other companies talk about their IT as a department, Stralfors talks about IT as a central part of the business.

– To succeed in this, your co-workers within IT, sales, marketing and business development need to share their knowledge and start working together in order to build business opportunities for customers. It´s also important, that the top management align IT with it´s business strategy and recognize that IT is an enabler for profit and growth, says Ingela Lidén.

Stralfors IT challenges

Ingela Lidén views the complexity and challenges that Stralfors are facing from their customers.

– Our customers want to combine data from different sources and formats into smarter communication solutions. They wish to communicate with their customers in a unique way whenever, wherever and however they choose. This resolves infinite scenarios within IT. Thus, our IT challenge is to make endless possibilities for our customers to work in a reliable IT environment, and deliver smart and safe communication solutions with great value to our customers. My view is that companies working with IT as a business opportunity are the future winners.

What does it take to be a leading provider of IT?

– It takes courage and leadership. Be honest and stick to your promises and decisions. Be specific so that people can understand what is expected from them. Give people feedback, that is constructive and clear. Always strive to do things better and more efficient. And last but not least – have fun while you do it.

What are the most valuable skills for Stralfors in the future?

– We need smart, businessminded, communicative and driven people with education within the information technology area. These skills and personalities are required to strengthen our company´s aim to not have a separate IT department, rather an integrated part of the business, to provide our customers with great communitation solutions for the future.