Let’s Move increase employee participation

In its journey to become a provider of communication solutions, Stralfors implemented the Let’s Move project, which aimed to increase participation among the company’s employees in the move that is under way.


Stralfors, a well-known operator in the field of information logistics, has started to move towards becoming a fully-fledged provider of communication solutions. With changed behaviour among consumers and an increasingly digitised society, Stralfors has realised that information combined with the right kind of communication is valuable. Having once been a printing company, Stralfors now offers a range of different communication services including everything from data optimisation and cloud services to loyalty schemes and marketing communication.

- "Creating new solutions means that we at Stralfors are moving from being a production- and information-oriented company to become more communication- and IT-oriented. But to achieve this properly, it's important that our employees come along with us on this journey," says Eva Malmberg, Director of HR and Communication at Stralfors.

Dialogue about the move

In order to achieve the best results from the move that Stralfors is making, the company launched the dialogue-based project Let's Move in all countries; one stage in gaining acceptance for the new direction among the company's employees. The project format involve employees meeting up on six occasions to conduct a dialogue about the move. With the aid of a customised tablecloth, the employees discuss six areas: customer focus, work processes, environment & health, visions & goals, engagement and, finally, cooperation.

– "It's easy to inform people about change, but a dialogue is needed to make it actually happen. As employees, we need to have the chance to debate the change ourselves and to ask questions so that we can implement it," says Åsa Englund, Head of Internal Communication.

Employees is asked, among other things, how they view the future, what role proactivity can play and what they'd like to read about Stralfors in tomorrow's newspaper. Surveys revealed that Stralfors then noticed an incredible effect from Let's Move, such a great effect that the project continued during 2014 and 2015.

– "It's all about attitude and mindset. People react differently to change. In the dialogue we strive to make people aware of this. It's everyone's responsibility to try and motivate one another and to create an understanding of the change," says Suzanne Vallin Brantestad, HR Manager for Sweden.

Increased participation produces positive effects

According to Eva, the increased participation among Stralfors' employees is contributing a number of positive effects, including the fact that employees have a better understanding of how the company is being renewed and what the future looks like. One example also mentioned is that new employees will be able to benefit from Let's Move:

– "The quicker you've introduced into a company as a new employee, the quicker you learn how the company works and the easier it is to make a contribution. When you contribute, you become visible, and in due course you have the opportunity to develop in your professional role. If you're not sure what the company stands for, or don't know where the company's heading, it's difficult to know your own role," says Eva.

Eva explains that Stralfors is facing an exciting future with tremendous opportunities for ambitious employees to create a career for themselves and to come along on the journey that the company is undertaking. The goal of helping customers to get the communication they need, to sort information and then use it correctly, is a challenge, but a positive one.