New market web sites launched

Our new market web sites are now launched in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, France and the UK.
– This is a fantastic communication hub, serving both our customers and our sales teams, says Martin Sterner, VP Marketing Communication.


The start page on the new web site has three basic components for content; Campaign area, Theme area and Footer.

The vision of Stralfors in 2020 states that we are to become the undisputable leader of communication solutions, creating the brand communities of tomorrow.

– We are right now a company in transition, heading towards the future. A very good example of this is our new web site, says Martin Sterner.

The new web site is a crucial part of Stralfors' content and channel strategy.
– Smarter Communication Magazine is the content hub and the web site is the communication hub. It's here all the people we communicate with end up when reading our newsletters or getting to know us in our social channels, Martin Sterner says.

But there's more ...

– It's finally time for our communication to go multichannel – and at the same time, our web site becomes a sales tool. I'm convinced this new way of communication will change the way we do business, says Martin Sterner.

As a visitor on the site, it is also possible to create own themes.
– The new "My Content" functionality is fantastic. An easy to use interface allows you to connect and sort any content on the web site and then share it with whomever you want, without any logins, says Martin Sterner.

Web site as a sales tool

To control and enable good search on the site, all content is tagged with keywords.
This allows us to use our own web site as an advanced sales tool. It's easy to search and narrow down to exactly the right content – and add it to "My Content". When all is up and running, you will be able to build your own themes and send the links to prospects or clients – all in mobile friendly design.

Campaigns and Themes

The start page on the new web site has three basic components for content; Campaign area, Theme area and Footer.

– The Campaign area is reserved for events, campaigns and really important news, Martin Sterner says.

The Campaign area is optional and can be deselected or activated further down on the page. It can be displayed either as a carousel or just one image or a text block.
All other content is presented on the start page as Themes.

– We believe themes are the best way to explain our complex communication solutions and at the same time connect Stralfors products and solutions with trends and inspirational content, says Martin Sterner.
The footer contains the essentials, links to other Stralfors markets and social channels.

A website for all devices

The web site of course uses responsive web design.

"This way, we're investing not only in a more modern, more future-compatible web platform, but also in more satisfied customers and greater business benefit," explains Martin Sterner.
Responsive design means that the website's layout adapts to whichever screen resolution you have on your device, no matter if it's a computer, tablet or a smartphone.