Olga Lipinska

Olga Lipinska work as CFO in Stralfors Poland. "Even if an organisation is well structured, it’s the people in the organisation who are crucial for its future business."


What attracted you to Stralfors?

What attracted me was that Stralfors is so advanced with its technology and continuous business development, which are tailored to meet customer expectations. Also, being bilingual, I was drawn by the Swedish corporate culture and the opportunity to use my knowledge of the two different cultures in my daily work.

What is your role with Stralfors? What does it entail?

My main task as CFO, is to support Stralfors business and to guarantee a high quality of internal and external reporting. We will be working together with the Polish management team to continuously enhance and progress our internal cooperation.

What challenges do you face as a manager?

The challenge is to motivate people – by involvement; one single person can't do everything, but cooperation within the group is extremely important. Another challenge is to communicate the company's objectives so that individuals understand them – then you can execute the business strategy together! One important thing is winning the confidence of employees and earning their respect.

What do you feel you need to be happy at Stralfors as an employee?

To be happy at Stralfors I feel you should be an outgoing person who enjoys challenges and team work. You should have a strong, compentent business approach that compliments and enhances the business and be able to communicate effectively.

What does Stralfors offer as an employer?

Stralfors offers continuous challenges in an international environment. Team work is very important within the company. If you need it, support and help are always available. Being the CFO gives me the chance to have a bird's-eye view of the business and to take part in strategic development, that is challenging and stimulating.

What do you hope to achieve at Stralfors?

In the first instance, my aim is to achieve an effective Controlling function that will support strategic development. I hope to achieve that together with our employees. The strength and success of an organisation depends on the people. Even if an organisation is well structured, it's the people in the organisation who are crucial for its future business.

In your career, what was your most memorable business leadership lesson?

As a manager, it's important to give your employees opportunities to develop. People have greater potential than we're making use of at present. If an employee wants to develop, give him or her a chance. That creates motivation.