Sheep – our newest colleagues to Stralfors

Stralfors got their first group of sheep starting to mow the green areas outside our site in Epernon in France. We have talked to Sonia Alias Torres, Marketing coordinator in France and Sylvain Girard owner of


Sylvain Girard is a man who wanted to do something environmental friendly. He also wanted to cut down on cost but still maintain the green areas, around his warehouse, properly mowed. He then came up with an idea. He installed sheep of Ouessant, a rustic race which could easily live around the warehouse. The sheep successfully replaced the lawn mowers.

The results: cost decrease, sustainable development investment and also social investment since the sheep are a pleasant and relaxed presence for the team. Sylvain Girard then decides to offer this service to other companies and started the company

What service are you providing us with?

"The sheep are located for three years to mow the lawn in replacement of the mechanical lawn mower.

We take care of everything related to the animals: medical treatments, traceability, and sheep shearing. A shepherd comes regularly to check the good health of the cattle sheep and the state of the grass and the land," says Sylvain Girard owner of the company and continues:

"Before installing locating the sheep we supervise survey the land to adapt the number of heads to the available surface and food. The minimum surface needed for a couple of sheep is 3000m2, they cannot live on their own. We installed a fence around the grass area to protect the flock from their main predatory enemies (street dogs and...humans). For the wellbeing of the sheep one person will be named as surveyor to check regularly on the flock between the shepherd visits. "

Sonia what do you think is the best thing about with having this thie sheep on our site in Epernon?

The sheep are eco-friendly lawn mowers and they provide more than savings on the maintenance of the green areas. They are a source or of relaxation for the employees since they will not suffer of any sound nuisance. Our teams and also our customers may change their vision towards the company when showing its engagement for a sustainable development.

The sheep families stay together, they are not separated. Each lamb walks next to its mum.
They are gregarious and stay in group. They are very calm and not dangerous.

About Ecomounton

The company was founded 3 years ago. They already have 1400 heads in 62 locations in France. Only two conditions are required for the activity: a shelter and a point of water for the sheep.