Stralfors employees cycling for fun

An internal bicycle club, called Strålling Stones, competed in Finland and saved 1,270 litres of petrol and decreased CO2 emissions by 3,175 kg for every day of travel. This team’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.


The Strålling Stones, consisting of 15 Stralfors members, cycled 18,156 kilometres during 144 days. The average number of cycling days was 44 days per person.

"With a joint effort with your colleagues, you can do a lot! There were high spirits throughout the whole competition. We have followed every kilometre we covered and everyone has made a big effort to collect kilometres for themselves and for our team. Some of the team members have at least 30 kilometres to travel from home and work, which have produced the real savings for global warming. This initiative has brought us much closer together," says Pekka Kaukonummi at Stralfors.

Stralfors Finland participated in a light-hearted cycling competition called Kilometrikisa. Several participants from different companies, teams and other groups helped each other to increase their own and their team's kilometre balance. Most of all, to have fun and to be active.

Pekka, the captain, has taken part in this kind of competition before and took the opportunity to implement cycling initiatives at Stralfors.

"I asked my colleagues to participate. Immediately I got the names and then the team was built up. It has been a very positive experience for us as a team. We have been discussing cycling, helping each other to upgrade bikes, fix bikes, helmets and clothing. Even tiny internal competitions have taken place between colleagues. At the same time we have achieved a more bike-friendly organisation," says Pekka.

If you would like more information about the competition or how to get involved, visit their website: (in Finnish)

Strålling Stones ranking and statistics:

Rank in small team series: 348
Team average km per person: 1,210.4 km/person
Total km: 18,156.3 km
Number of cycling days /average: 43.80 days /person
Total cycling days: 657
Petrol saved: 1,270 litres
CO2 saved: 3,175 kg

Statistics for the whole 2015 competition:

  • 2,263 teams in the competition with 26,436 cyclists
  • Total number of km covered was 26,040,870.30 km, with 985.05 km/person
  • "Chain reaction campaign" collected 66,991.20 euros
  • 1,822,860 litres of petrol were saved
  • 4,557,150 kg CO2 were saved