"Stralfors is a strong brand"

For the second year in a row, Stralfors has been recognised as one of Sweden´s most attractive career companies by being named a Career Company 2015.


Photo: Åsa Westerlund

Career Company is an accolade awarded to employers who can offer unique challenges and have a genuine engagement with their employees. The award is presented by the recruitment company Jobtip. They examine thousands of companies every year before naming 100 of them as Career Companies.

Lee Stevenson is a relatively new employee at Stralfors in the UK. He took up his position as Senior Manager Business Development in April 2014. He´s not surprised that Stralfors in Sweden has been named a Career Company 2015.

– The fact that our Swedish company has won the award two years in a row says it all. Stralfors is a strong brand with a really good reputation in the industry.

– I applied to Stralfors after having kept an eye on the company for a while. I wasn´t really considering a change of job, but when Stralfors started working with multichannel communication in the UK, I didn´t think twice.

– I like the fact that Stralfors is a strong, international Group with services that interest me, for example interactive platforms with multiple streams.

Why is Stralfors a good employer?

– At an internal sales conference a few weeks ago, we produced a video about communication. It was one way of getting us to interact and exchange ideas with people outside the UK. That´s something that Stralfors really encourages, and I like that. When you talk to people across national borders you pick up inspiration and new ideas about how you can do various things differently.

What would you like to improve at Stralfors?

– There isn´t particularly good awareness of the brand outside the print industry in the UK. We need to improve that. That´s why we´ve started working more with social media, letter-based campaigns and targeted email campaigns.

Text: Michael Nilsson