Stralfors is recycling old IT hardware

To help support our customers with efficient and reliable customer solutions it is essential to keep ourselves up to date with the latest IT environment. This includes the IT hardware including servers, networking equipment, environment systems and the cabling infrastructure.


Andreas Kanstrup, IT Operations Manager Global IT at Stralfors.

Over recent years we have stored older equipment to enable us to support the existing environment, a strategy that we are now changing. Older equipment is not only costly to maintain and becomes uneconomical to operate.

"It is important that we consider the environment, security and cost elements as part of the decision making process" says Andreas Kanstrup, IT Operations Manager Global IT and continues:

"Therefore we are right now working together with a company called 'IT Lyftet' who specialise in recycling IT equipment in cooperation with Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish employment agency). Not only do they reuse the old equipment which is good for the environment but they help people who have been long term unemployed. Something we think is important."

What happens with the old hardware?

To fulfill our own high standards of Internal IT security we process the storage media in accordance to our security policy ensuring that all data is securely destroyed. Once this is complete the rest of the equipment is handed over to 'IT Lyftet' who will then either recondition the hardware or dismantle and recycle the metals.
All the money 'IT Lyftet' makes goes directly to the Childhood Cancer Foundation. "Something we are very happy to contribute to", says Andreas Kanstrup.

About IT-lyftet:
Environmentally sound reconditioning by IT-lyftet

Today Swedish companies and authorities scrap computers for 140 million crowns unnecessarily. "IT Lyftet" is among other things working with reconditioning of computers that otherwise should be scrapped. They see the machine as a tool for teaching. And they are helping us to save our environment by giving the computer a new life.