Student collaboration raises awareness of insight sales

Consumers nowadays are better informed than ever and do more and more of their information-gathering themselves. The decision to purchase will usually have been made even before the consumer contacts a supplier. Two university students wanted to gain an insight into the relatively new concept of insight sales and chose to collaborate with Stralfors.


Oskar Andersson and Daniel Markovic.

With an abundance of available information, consumers do not have the same need for salespeople as they used to. A study reveals that on average 60% of consumers make their decision to purchase before they have consulted a salesperson, which places demands on salespeople and marketers to become involved at an early stage of the purchasing process in order to be part of the consumer's knowledge-gathering process.

A collaborative project with two students from Linnæus University in Växjö, Oskar Andersson and Daniel Markovic, analysed how the sales process is run at Stralfors and how insight sales affect a B2B company's sales process.

"As we're both passionate about working with people combined with sales, we felt that this was a neglected area during our Bachelor's degree course," says Daniel Markovic.
"We chose Stralfors partly because we wanted to collaborate with a well-established B2B company, and partly because of the good contact we experienced when meeting Stralfors' representatives at Linnæus University's Careers Day in Växjö. They made a very professional, pleasant impression. So Stralfors felt like the ideal collaborative partner for our Bachelor's essay."

The results

The results showed that insight sales do exist in the Stralfors sales process.
"The results from the project confirmed to us that Stralfors is on the right track. We work according to a clear, defined sales process and its structure, combined with the solution selling sales method, enables Stralfors to become involved in the customer's purchasing process at an early stage," says Martin Serbner at Stralfors.

Satisfied students

Now that the project has been completed, the students are satisfied with their time at Stralfors.

"The partnership with Stralfors was interesting and educational, and above all extremely enjoyable. We were well looked after right from the moment we stepped into the lobby in Ljungby. We were given a clear overview of the company, enjoyed a tasty lunch in Stralfors' own restaurant and maintained frequent contact with Stralfors throughout our entire assignment. The results were brilliant," says Oskar Andersson.

Martin Serbner is also extremely pleased about this student collaboration.
"Both students made a serious impression and showed a high level of commitment. They were very well prepared and serious in their analysis of Stralfors."

Both students feel that this collaboration with Stralfors has increased their interest in working for an international company like Stralfors with good opportunities for development, something that both of them are looking for in their future employers.