Targeted campaign: “Hi IT–manager!”

Hi IT–manager is a targeted campaign focused on showing the challenges some IT–managers faces in their everyday life.


Stralfors Denmark is right now running a targeted campaign designed towards large and medium sized companies in Denmark. The campaign, consists of five movies. The movies begin with the basis of what needs and challenges across various departments - marketing, IT, customer service, finance/administration and in relation to its customers in an increasingly digitized Denmark.

“Basically, all departments work on common organizational objectives. We know for example that the IT-manager and Finance department have different approaches. By tailored messages to each departments – we get the right message to the right department,” says Tanja Luplau, marketing manager, Stralfors in Denmark.

A selected target group in Denmark will receive a video direct mail. Through a QR code you can access to a campaign site where we have collected several articles and content that is relevant to your particular role in the company.

How can we help the IT-manager?

We invite IT manager for a workshop togheter with the customer service, marketing and financial managers. The purpose of the workshop is to identify the company's challenges and provide an overview of their communication and how to communicate more effectively with their customers.

Watch the movie here (Vimeo):

Hi IT Manager! from PostNord Strålfors on Vimeo.