We have the tools to make it possible

The communication industry is changing constantly. And Stralfors has been at the heart of this change since 1919. ”This is one of our strenghts – that change has never been something that's frightened us. Every time anything major has happened in our industry, we´ve been involved,” says Annica Axelsson, CEO of Stralfors in Sweden.


Annica Axelsson CEO of Stralfors in Sweden.

It is almost 100 years since Stralfors was founded in the Swedish town of Ljungby. At the time it was a traditional printing business, but within a few years it was a company that understood that success is a product of development and innovation.

"In our vision for 2020, it states that we develop and manage integrated, seamless communication systems. I'd like to think that we're already well on the way."

Because while everyone's talking about digitisation and multichannel as something abstract and complicated, Stralfors is helping its customers to adapt their communication to make it relevant down to an individual level. Multichannel in practice if you like.

"Put simply, I usually say that we at Stralfors activate our customers´ data. We have the tools to make it possible to communicate from one to many and from many to one, what´s ofthen known as multichannel," says Annica Axelsson, who is also responsible for business development whithin Stralfors at Group level.

Collaboration for better solutions

Relevant communication and personally adapted messages must go out at the right time and in the right channel. Stralfors can do it. But it also takes good knowledge of the target groups, perfect data and complex IT systems for precise delivery.

"We´re a partner of many companies that have to deliver strong, interactive customer experience every hour of the day, every day of the year. Only together can we deliver really good solutions. When customers are involved and can influence developments," says Annica Axelsson.

New technology, new opportunities

For Stralfors, the rapid technological development of recent years has enabled the company to offer its customers even more customised solutions.

"We´re not a pure IT company, but we possess extremely high levels of IT competence. The reason is simple - we want to be a flexible, adaptable supplier," says Annica Axelsson.

And there are many systems that need to be able to talk to one another so that Stralfors´customers can transmit the right message at the right time to the right customer in the right channel.

"When we create relevant systems and solutions that our customers need - that´s when we´ve succeeded."

Better business and more loyal customers

Stralfors is a company that listens. With extensive experience and competence, the can provide their customers with the right support when they need it most.

"We deliver the tools and system needed to take the next step," says Annica Axelsson, continuing:
"When we make it possible for our customers to reduce the distance to their customers, we don´t just increase the value of the deal, but also the quality of their relationship. You can´t give your customers a better delivery."