What´s the difference between story-telling and story-doing?

“Story­telling is about producing creative stories, either to convince consumers or to win a prize in an advertising competition. Story­doing focuses more on other parts of the customer journey, such as creating high ­quality products and services that exist in an ecosystem. This means that they’re compatible with other digital products and services that we already use in our homes and in society.”


This is how Daniel Eliasson, Business Developer at the digital agency Apegroup exaplains it.

Why is this important?

"In the digital world we inhabit now, the greatest power rests with individual con­sumers and their opinions. If a product fails to meet consumers' expectations, it doesn't matter how much money a company invests in marketing. At any rate, you don't get the same return from advertising campaigns that you did ten years ago."

Can you provide an example of successful story-doing?

"Angry Birds is a good example. They now have one of the biggest brands in China – even though they've essentially not spent any money on marketing there. It seems to­tally crazy, although at the same time in­ credibly cool that Angry Birds has overtaken a major brand like Coca­Cola – without it having cost the vast sums of money you'd expect. Amazon's another example. All it takes is for someone in a forum to say that Amazon's the best online store in the world, and consumers in Sweden, for example, start shopping in the USA."

So,"less bullshit – more bang for your buck"?

"Both yes and no. You can no longer sell fresh air, at least not in the long term. We're al­ ready seeing how companies are moving parts of their marketing budget closer to the product or the service, by such means as working more with CRM and customer loyal­ ty. In future it'll probably be even more important for the whole customer experience to be good. A product or service should ideally be both easy to buy and meet the custom­er's expectations."

The best story-doing campaign?

"The US home electronics company Sonos, with its campaign using the simple copy text: "Google 'Sonos reviews'. Tada." It really lets the voices of consumers market the product – and is thus evidence that more fo­cus on quality products, and the fact that they work well in their ecosystem, makes marketing easier, more effective and gener­ates more impact for your money."