Winners are decided

We would like to thank all the engaged students who recently visited us at Linnæus University´s Career Day and for those who participated in our contest. The prize consist of two cinema tickets.


Stralfors spent the day as an exhibitor at Linnæus University´s Career Day in Växjö, Sweden. The students visiting our stand got the chance to win movie tickets. One of the winners are, Ida Kånneby, studying Enterprising and Business Development (EBD) at Linnæus University.

"It feels great! I usually go to the cinema quite often, so movie tickets are always appreciated! The movie that I will go and see is Chappie, which will be released in June. Now that I have won the tickets it 's perfect opportunity to take my boyfriend, who also want to see this movie."

Here are all the winners:

Ida Kånneby, Växjö.
Marie Gabrielsson, Växjö.
Sofie Persson, Växjö.
Jakob Segerslätt, Växjö.
Nathalie Fransson, Växjö.
Victor Henriksson, Växjö.
Jakob Bäcklund, Växjö.