Print yourself – for SEK 250

Through a partnership between Sony and PostNord Strålfors, you can order a small 3D bust of yourself. It will soon be possible to use the technology to create completely new experiences.


Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson

In autumn 2017, Sony released the first smartphone in the world with the capacity to take 3D scans via its camera – a technology developed in Sweden. When Tomas Lundström, Solutions Manager 3D at PostNord Strålfors, read about it, he contacted Sony.

“From an industrial perspective, Sony’s technology is nothing short of a revolution. 3D scanning equipment is usually so expensive that it can cost thousands of euros to scan even a rough geometry, but the functionality is now built into Sony’s smartphones.”

The conversation between Tomas Lundström and Sony led to an actual working relationship, with PostNord Strålfors helping Sony learn how to handle colors better so that the company could improve the algorithms for coloring 3D prints. 

Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson

Owners of new Sony smartphones can now take a selfie, click a button to order a 3D print of their head and have it delivered to their home address for just SEK 250 – no matter where in the world they may be. 

“We have all kinds of ideas about how this technology can be used to develop the e-commerce experience. You’ll certainly be hearing more about it over the coming years,” says Tomas Lundström.