Greater customer satisfaction thanks to digitalization

Skellefteå Kraft is aiming to become the best energy company for Sweden. With the most satisfied customers in the industry, they’re well on their way.


“We want to learn more about our customers and become even better,” says Eva-Lena Berglund, Head of Invoicing at Skellefteå Kraft.

Skellefteå Kraft has switched from almost 100 percent hard-copy information to a digital volume of around 55 percent. The trigger was the new invoicing system that was launched almost ten years ago and provided Skellefteå Kraft with a scalable, channel-independent solution to build on.

“We made the first huge leap when we introduced e-invoices for our customers,” says Eva-Lena Berglund, Head of Invoicing.

The digital journey is firmly deployed at group level, laid out in a strategy with clear goals. And there are many processes to digitalize.

“Simply put, it has to do with three things,” explains Eva-Lena Berglund.

“We want to have the most satisfied customers in the industry, we want to be a completely green company, and we want to become more efficient as a business.”

For a sustainable company, digital communication is an obvious choice. It protects the external environment and saves internal resources. At the same time, it makes customer dialogue quicker and more direct.

“It’s easier for us to run an economical and efficient customer service department today. We talk to customers where they are and want to be.

“The tool we have with Strålfors (Access) also makes it simple to refine the setup and modify the communication all the way up to deadline,” says Eva-Lena Berglund.

We want to power the entire industry in a more customer-oriented direction.

Freedom of choice boosts loyalty

According to the Swedish customer survey ServiceScore, Skellefteå Kraft is the energy company that provides the best service in the industry. They have actually won this distinction six years in succession.

“I’ve just found out that we’ve been nominated this year as well, so we have our fingers crossed for the seventh time,” adds Eva-Lena Berglund.

“I think the main reason why we have such satisfied customers is that we’re hands-on and focused on solving everyday problems. It’s not a dead straight journey, but we demonstrate commitment, customer focus and will, and confidence develops positively over time as a result.”

Hans Astermark, Key Account Manager at Post Nord Strålfors, concurs. 

“Skellefteå Kraft is coming out on top because they let the customer choose. They’ve understood that ‘recipient power’ generates loyalty and faithful customers.”

The digitalization process has also paid off financially. For example, Skellefteå Kraft has succeeded in boosting its customer stock without a corresponding increase in postage expenses. 

“As an added bonus, it’s harder for customers to avoid a digital invoice. Both our traceability and our hit percentage have increased,” explains Eva-Lena Berglund.

Speaking with one voice

Another driving force behind the digitalization of the group is the desire to have Skellefteå Kraft viewed as a single unit by customers. This can be quite a challenge for a company with multiple business areas, especially when you look at the internal processes.

“We deliver all kinds of products and services: electricity agreements, electricity grid services, district heating and broadband to name but a few. So you can see that it’s a real challenge to maintain uniform communication to all our customers.” 

The objective is to view everything from the customer’s perspective. This means that all communication must be run on the customer’s terms and be simple, identical and cohesive – no matter which part of the Skellefteå organization the customer encounters.

“We are constantly striving to improve, and this involves always listening to our customers, for instance, and simultaneously finding our more about who we are and how we are viewed,” says Eva-Lena Berglund, who continues,

“We want to power the entire industry in a more customer-oriented direction.”

Hela kundresan

Skellefteå Kraft har identifierat ett stort behov av kommunikation som täcker in hela kundresan.

– Tack vare digitaliseringen och alla nya sociala kanaler är det möjligt att genomföra. Och dessutom enklare för oss att samordna internt på ett bättre sätt. 

Över tid har de också märkt att kundlojaliteten ökat tack vare den ökade kunddialogen. 

– Egentligen är det enkelt, vi lyssnar och möter våra kunders förväntningar så mycket vi kan. 

– Nästa stora steg handlar om att vi i detalj ska lära oss ännu mer om våra kunder och bli ännu bättre, säger Eva-Lena Berglund.

The entire customer journey

Skellefteå Kraft has identified a great need for communication that covers the entire customer journey.

“Thanks to digitalization and all the new social channels, it’s possible to implement this. Moreover, it makes it easier for us to improve our internal coordination.” 

Over time, the company has also noted that customer loyalty has increased on account of the improved customer dialogue. 

“It’s actually quite simple: we listen and then meet our customers’ expectations as far as we can. 

The next step has to do with us learning much more about our customers and becoming even better,” adds Eva-Lena.

A digitalization partner

Skellefteå Kraft issues almost 130,000 invoices every month, of which around 55 percent are digital. The majority of these are e-invoices, but the number of digital mailboxes is increasingly quickly, and 11,000 invoices are now issued through this channel. 

Skellefteå Kraft has also launched mobile invoices as a service in partnership with PostNord Strålfors. 

“We’re a pilot customer in Sweden, and thanks to a great working relationship, we’re now in a position to automate this part of the flow as well,” says Eva-Lena Berglund, who explains,

“With such large volumes, it’s important to build up a good, tight working relationship. When it comes to sending out the files, we don’t have to do much at all. PostNord Strålfors takes care of all the deliveries and always gets back to us with information about what has been sent, how, when and where.” 

PostNord Strålfors has been involved as a supplier. throughout the journey from physical to digital customer communication.

“There can be no doubt that they’re one of our key digitalization partners. Without their customer focus, we could never have come so far,” says Eva-Lena Berglund.