Together – for innovation and customer benefit

Digitalization requires all companies to review their business model and their deliveries.
“PostNord Strålfors is no exception. We listen constantly to our customers’ needs,” says Lars Lundström, Head of Digital Services.


Lars Lundström, Head of Digital Services, is in charge of PostNord Strålfors’ working relationship with LINK Mobility. Together, they are developing customer communication via cell phones. Photo: Christiaan Dirksen

What does a digitalized world demand of a company, and what is the simplest and most efficient way for the company to make the relevant changes? How do you make your business relevant in a digital world?

“By delivering value in cell phones. By delivering customer benefit in situations that matter to the customer,” says Fredrik Nyman, CEO at LINK Mobility Sweden without hesitation.

PostNord Strålfors and LINK Mobility have been working together for more than ten years. While the relationship initially focused on simple SMS distribution, the partnership has expanded over the years. 

“PostNord Strålfors has always been big on communication from one to many, which made them an interesting partner for us,” says Fredrik Nyman.

“We started with messaging services, and our solutions allowed PostNord Strålfors’ customers to digitize their businesses quickly and efficiently.”

Beyond 160 characters

At the moment, the working relationship is heavily centered on dynamic cell phone invoices and improved dialog with the customers. 

The next solution LINK Mobility and PostNord Strålfors are looking at has to do with customer communication via platforms such as Google Messaging or Facebook Messenger. 

“We want to add more elements to the communication. The 160 character limit that applies today has its challenges,” says Fredrik Nyman.

He talks about moving images and graphics, perhaps boarding passes or offers in a conversation solution. 

“This is something we strongly believe in, and we’re in on the ground floor here.”

The objective is Smarter Customer Communications. From several perspectives.

“We know that customers are getting tired of generic offers, and demand is high for bespoke advertising, bespoke customer service – with more services,” says Fredrik Nyman.

Fredrik Nyman. Photo: LINK Mobility

Numerous large customers

An authentic digital revolution is under way. And if you cannot meet demand, you’ll lose the battle. 

“We’re much stronger together,” affirms Fredrik Nymann.

“PostNord Strålfors has a large number of great customers, the leading brands in Sweden. All these customers are naturally thinking about what they can come up with for cell phones.” 

PostNord Strålfors and LINK Mobility have been in deep discussions about how they can make their partnership and businesses more relevant. 

“We’re constantly looking for the competences needed to make a shift and then integrate them into our own business,” says Lars Lundström.

It is a matter of matching competitors and keeping an eye on customers and how their needs are developing at first hand.

“We’re working successfully with LINK Mobility, as they’re keen to move the dialog between company and consumer to the cell phone and have therefore developed a range of solutions to make this happen,” says Lars Lundström.

“We’re working with PostNord Strålfors to come up with new services for the corporate market. The working relationship is innovative, and we’re testing all kinds of solutions,” says Fredrik Nyman.