Our Strategy

PostNord Stralfors towards 2020:


Ylva Ekborn, CEO of PostNord Strålfors, why is the Vision 2020 so important?

– Because most organizations need to have a vision. And we also need to know where we are going. This is why we have been using the last year to think about what position we want to be in as a company in 2020. And, also, what does this mean for our various objectives?

PostNord Stralfors is to become a Communication solution company – what does that mean?

– If you look at what we've done over the years, we have in reality been working with different products and solutions that are communication solutions. If you send a letter or use an EDI solution, it is in fact communication.

– If you look into the future, you don't really know what techniques we will use. We have therefore redefined our vision to state that we work with communication solutions, whatever techniques are used in the future.

OK, can you explain what this means for PostNord Stralfors as an organisation?

– There will be a mindset change and we need to be clear about certain things. One is that, if we want to be a communication solution company, whatever technique, we will not know exactly what to do all the time. We will also not be able to do it ourselves all the time. This means we will be working more with partners. It's also important for us to start thinking about new communication solutions around the clock.

– This is a difference, compared to our history where we have been more focused on printers or inserts.

Can you see any specific trends that will affect PostNord Stralfors in the near future?

– What we can see around the world, especially in Europe, is that for the last 10–15 years, there's been a lot of one-way communication – from the organization to the end consumer. What we see in the future is that there will be more and more communication both ways. Both from the sender to the receiver, but also from the receiver to the sender.

– And PostNord Stralfors happens to be in the middle of this "explosion", as you might call it. That's why it is so important for us to continue to be here.

So, where do you see PostNord Strålfors in 2020? What will the market say about you?

– When big or small organizations need help in order to communicate with their customers, they should automatically turn to us. They should say: could PostNord Stralfors help us to communicate with our customers?

You are very confident you will succeed, what are the main reasons for this?

– There are three main reasons. Number one is that PostNord Stralfors is working in a communication market that is growing. Within that market we are working with communication solutions. This is a good position to be in. Number two is that I'm very proud of our personnel. We have very good personnel with good knowledge to handle this growing market. Number three is that we have good customers. The customers we have, who in turn communicate with their customers, they really like us.

– If we have a growing market, good personnel and good customers, then we have very good opportunities for the future.