Our Vision

The direction of our journey ahead is clear and so is our vision: To become the undisputable leader of Communication solutions, creating the Brand Communities of tomorrow.


The future is closer than we can imagine. In fact, it's already here.

Today only a portion of our customer's Brand Communication is actually controlled by themselves. The explosion of social media has made consumers more powerful than ever before.

For our customers this means that, to be successful in building relations, they have to turn their communication from a monologue into a dialogue. They have to regard their consumers as part owners of their brand and start building a brand community – not towards but together with them.

PostNord Stralfors role in helping our customers will be the same as always, but we have to add a new dimension when developing our future toolbox. We have to integrate a new consumer behaviour – not as a threat, but as an asset – when building our customers' brands.

And the best way to help our customers is to position ourselves between them and their consumers. As a matchmaker we can leverage their business by turning it into a Social Business enabling them to build stronger and more personal relations than ever before.