Our Strategy

We are transforming into a Nordic digitalisation partner through offering the leading channel independent platform and best practice digital solutions, in parallel we are consolidating our position as the leading print and scanning supplier in the Nordics.

Digital growth

We are growing our digital services by leveraging a Nordic organisation with aligned digital capabilities. Providing IT services with high business value through competitive, reliable and innovative ways of working. 

Operational excellence

We are delivering a sustainable footprint by focusing on operational excellence and ensuring an aligned ongoing adaption and consolidation of print volumes.  

Organization and Culture

We are an attractive employer by continuing to attract and recruit new employees as well as focusing on developing and retaining all the employees working with us today.

We will be an organisation characterised by a strong culture with highly competent and engaged employees living our values. Accountable, Brave and Committed.

Value creation

Our strategy and business model are designed to increase value to us and our customers. Where our products and solutions are developed in close cooperation with our customers - in a way we intend to continue. 

The benefits are clear: stronger customer loyalty, increased sales, attracts new customers and gives an increased efficiency. 

The essence of our offer is spelled – Smarter Communication.