Eero Markelin

"You have to adapt, prove yourself and deliver high quality each time to earn the respect and trust from each customer."


What do you do in your job?

– I'm a Project & Product manager in PostNord Finland at Stralfors Oy and I manage projects and project management development as a whole at PostNord Stralfors Oy. The projects vary from new solution launches, product & process development to customer implementations.

– I’m also product manager of a service called We Mail, which is our standardized hybrid mail solution. We launched it in 2011 and it has been a great success.

– In addition, I’m involved in identifying business opportunities, helping our sales team to build key customer relationships, as well as negotiating and closing large business deals and maintaining extensive knowledge of current market conditions in Finland.

What do you find interesting and challenging in your job?

– Every project and customer is different. You have to adapt, prove yourself and deliver high quality each time to earn the respect and trust from each customer. It’s also a great challenge to develop our products and help our customers to communicate better and steer them towards a digital future.

– PostNord Stralfors must constantly adapt to the market, to be able to stay ahead, and to be the leader in the field of digital communication solutions. Stralfors lives according to the motto “Change is in our DNA”. How is it to work in a fast-moving company?

– The industry and the market is indeed transforming at a rapid speed. We are developing new services, while at the same time fine tuning our current portfolio to better meet the customer requirements. It’s not only challenging, but also very rewarding to be part of this change.

How is it to be an employee at PostNord Stralfors?

– There’s a great atmosphere at our workplace in Finland. We are all different people, but we work as a team towards the same goal. We also laugh a lot! In addition, we are constantly developing and trying to find new ways to improve, both as a company and on a personal level. We work with top companies and premium brands from different industries, which keeps things very interesting in our daily work.

Why did you apply to PostNord Stralfors?

– I heard a lot of positive feedback from a couple of old colleagues that had joined Strålfors. People seemed to enjoy working for Strålfors. It’s also a very flexible organization with a solid, international owner.

In your opinion, what kind of person likes working at PostNord Stralfors?

– Attitude is the key. You don’t need to have all the skills and experience from the start. With the right attitude you can learn all the necessary things and make a real impact.