Fredrik Ahlberg

My role as a Customer Integrator means that I integrate customers’ information, e.g. invoice files, into relevant systems so that we can produce the right customer solution. They can be either physical print or digital solutions, for example information that’s sent to a digital mailbox. So I make sure that customers receive what they want and expect from us.


What’s it like, working at PostNord Stralfors?
I’m really happy at PostNord Stralfors. It’s a company of opportunities and I’ve had a number of positions within the company, which is interesting and gives me a greater understanding of PostNord Stralfors as a company and its business concept. 

How has your career journey been within PostNord Stralfors?
I’d just finished my studies in mechanical control systems and psychology and was keen to find work for the summer. So I applied for a summer job at PostNord Stralfors through a staffing agency and started work in summer 2014. I’d heard about PostNord Stralfors before applying, so I knew that it was a good workplace. I had a stroke of luck, as before my summer job ended my manager told me that they were looking for a full-time machine operator, and I was so happy there that I didn't hesitate to apply for the job, which I got.

I worked in our Production business as a machine operator from 2014 until 2016, when I was offered my current job as a Customer Integrator in our IT Department.

What do you find interesting and challenging in your job?
What I find interesting and challenging about my work is that I get to deal with problem-solving every day. I’m really attracted to making everyday life easier for our customers and constantly meeting their expectations. I sort out whatever customers want, quite simply.

What’s it like, being an employee at PostNord Stralfors?
It’s really good! We have lots of competent, engaged managers within the company, which creates a culture and an atmosphere that’s really good for employees. The feel-good factor is high, and all employees naturally also contribute to the good atmosphere.

From your perspective, what kind of employee enjoys working at PostNord Stralfors?
The typical PostNord Stralfors employee is driven, responsible, loyal, always delivers and does his or her best for our customers.

What makes PostNord Stralfors a good employer?
What makes my employer so attractive is the fact that there are countless opportunities to develop both within your own unit but also across unit borders, if you show that you want to. You can feel that the company cares for its employees, and that’s presumably why so many of us choose to stay at PostNord Stralfors for a long time.

Give us three tips for success in your role as a Customer Integrator
To succeed in my role as Customer Integrator I need:
To be logical
To be driven
To have a predilection for problem-solving