Katarina Johansson

For me, my job at PostNord Stralfors feels really stimulating, as there are things happening all the time and at a high tempo, which appeals to me a lot. We have fun together at work and that, combined with the fact that my colleagues are incredibly competent and driven, makes my everyday life extremely inspiring.


What is your role in the organisation?
Manager of Operations – Digital Services Center

Describe your role as Manager of Operations – Digital Services
My role means that I’m responsible for delivering all of PostNord Stralfors’ digital services. We work on the new development and maintenance of existing IT environments that form the basis of our digital offering. You could compare it with production, but instead of physical output it’s digital services that we produce. But we still need a manager who makes sure that all of our digital services are ultimately delivered to our customers in the best way possible.

How has your career journey been within PostNord Stralfors?
I started work at PostNord in 1995, having just graduated from technical college. The Public Employment Service contacted me and said that PostNord was looking for technically skilled employees for their PostNet brand, which was PostNord’s digital services company at the time. I started my job in Customer Service, specialising in supporting customers in our digital range of services. In all my time at the company I’ve worked with a focus on our digital services.

I’ve worked in different roles, everything from application manager and systems administrator to customer integrator and project manager, and I’ve changed roles about every two years with the exception of my current role, which I’ve had since 2013. PostNord Stralfors has given me the opportunity to go on an amazing career journey, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

What’s the most interesting and challenging thing about your job?
Working with people, coaching and leading my team on the journey that PostNord is taking with the process of digitisation.

What’s it like, being an employee at PostNord Stralfors?
It’s exciting, I learn something new every day. As a manager at PostNord Stralfors, I have good opportunities to both develop in my job and together with my team. The ceiling is high and there’s a coaching, learning culture.

Why did you apply for a job here?
It was purely by chance that I ended up at the company. I’d just graduated from technical college and wanted to take a gap year and work before continuing my studies, and it worked out well. As I’ve always had the opportunity to develop, both professionally and as a person, I’ve chosen to stay around.

From your perspective, what kind of employee enjoys working at PostNord Stralfors?
A typical PostNord Stralfors employee is attracted by change and new challenges, and enjoys a high tempo. As an employee you need to be competent, driven and have a desire to develop together with your employer. If you want to develop, the opportunities are endless. Those of us working here are passionate about what we do and the services we work with.

What makes PostNord Stralfors a good employer?
I’d really like to emphasise that our company consists of competent, positive and engaged employees as well as incredibly competent managers, which makes PostNord Stralfors an attractive employer. Last but not least, I think that our values – reliable, available, business partner and sustainable – feel genuine in the company, which makes it even more attractive.

Give us three tips for success in your role as Manager of Operations – Digital Services Center
To succeed in my role you need:
1. Leadership with presence
2. To be a good listener
3. A positive attitude